skibbereen to bantry

Day: Friday
Bantry to Skibbereen to Bantry Inbound Inbound
Bantry (Bantry Bay Hotel) 07:25 07:25
Skibbereen (Costcutters) 08:00 08:00
Ballydehob (Camier’s Filling Station) 08:15 08:15
Durrus (Sheep’s Head Inn) 08:35 08:35
Bantry (Bantry Bay Hotel) 09:00 09:00
Bantry to Skibbereen to Bantry Outbound Outbound
Bantry (Bantry Bay Hotel) 15:45 15:45
Skibbereen (Costcutters) 16:20 16:20
Skibbereen (Costcutters) seasonal departure time, contact office 17:20
Ballydehob (Camier’s Filling Station) 16:40 17:40
Durrus (Sheep’s Head Inn) prior request only
Bantry (Bantry Bay Hotel) 17:15 18:30

Contact office for Outbound departure time in the afternoon

Child (under 5 yrs): FREE


For our door-to-door services, please book in advance

Due to the door-to-door nature of the above service, this may result in slight change to Pick-up times

Bantry Office: 027 52727


Schedule Notice

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