253C charlesfort & kinsale town shuttle

High Frequency

Monday to Sunday
CharlesfortMonday to Saturday
Bus 253
Monday to Sunday
Bus 254
Sunday & Bank Holidays
Bus 253
Kinsale (Bus Stop in Car Park)08:0011:1014:2016:1011:1014:1016:10
Haven Bay08:0511:1514:2516:1511:1514:1516:15
Kinsale (Community College)08:0811:1814:2816:1811:1814:1816:18
Kinsale (Hospital)08:1111:2114:3116:2111:2114:2116:21
Kinsale (Primary Care Centre)08:1511:2514:3516:2511:2514:2516:25
Kinsale (Bus Stop in Car Park)08:2011:3014:4016:3018:0011:3014:3016:30
Kinsale (Hotel & Spa)08:3011:4014:5016:4018:1011:4014:4016:40
Kinsale (Bus Stop in Car Park)08:5012:0015:1017:0018:2012:0015:0017:00

High Frequency

Hail & Ride

To Be Calculated


Schedule Notice

This service will operate on a Sunday Timetable for Bank Holiday Monday 1st of August
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